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Hi, thank you for visiting! My name is Kasia and I’m a professional wedding photographer in Dorset, Hampshire and the rest of UK. I go wherever weddings take me! 

Wedding photography is an investment. Your wedding photographs are meant to say a story, capture the beginnings of your new life in the moments of the day. Every time you look at your wedding photos, they are meant to bring memories that will become alive in front of your eyes.

I strive to capture all moments, and everything in between them, as well as to express a beautiful and timeless story of your wedding day.

I’ve been creating beautiful wedding memories for over 8 years now. I’ve shot over 250 weddings and have taken over… umm..  many more photos too.

Your wedding is truly a once in a life time event! And expectations are high. Therefore, be reassured my experience as a Dorset wedding photographer has taught me many valuable skills. I am a people person for sure, but I actually love working with people.

My goal is to make your wedding photography the easiest part of the day! If you’re looking for someone creative, super friendly and hard working – I’m your photographer!

- Choosing Your Wedding Photographer Dorset -

I’m not just your wedding photographer. I’m your calming presence, a helping hand when things get scary. I’m the person that picks up your dress of the mud, the person that takes a portrait of your mum and dad that they rarely get a chance to get and I’m the person crying behind the camera when you hug your grandad.

I’m not just here to take your photos. I’m here to say “Yes!” to your creative wedding ideas. I’m here to give you memories that you want to remember.

to not miss a thing

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you need a good photographer who can document it all and not miss the small details. If it’s a bright day or a dark night – I will get the shot. Every time.

to tell a beautiful story

Your wedding photographs are meant to say a story, capture the beginnings of your new life and moments of the day so every time you look at your photos, they will become alive in front of your eyes.

with trust and experience

From my experience working with people like you, I learned how to make you feel at ease, give you tips and gentle directions to make you look beautifully backlit by the evening sunshine. 

to capture the atmosphere

I don’t direct how the story unfolds – this day belongs to the Bride and Groom, not me! Yet I have my eyes open at all times and I don’t want to miss anything. Ever!

to document moments and emotions

A good wedding photographer will not be distracted by chatting guests, will not feel awkward standing in the middle of the church taking photos of you, will not interrupt and will not direct how the story unfolds.

to celebrate your love

That feeling when you look at your wedding photos years later, and all the memories come back! What you thought about, what you saw and how you felt.  Good wedding photographs are worth every penny!

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