Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer

It’s been a great pleasure working as a Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer for Laurel and Rick.

Kasia is probably the most amazing wedding photographer in Dorset! ♡ She was so patient with us and very attentive. The pictures we have received are stunning, so so happy xx

What more can I say… 🙂

I absolutely loved working with Laurel and Rick. The couple shared their boho travel inspired wedding with the closest family and friends. They got married and celebrated their special day at Symondsbury Tithe barn in Dorset.

Symondsbury Tithe barn weddings

I have worked as a Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer on many occasions. And it never fails to amaze me how different the venue looks decorated by each couple. When I arrived at the barn on the morning of the wedding, the creative decorations made me stop taking pictures for a minute and just look. Seeing their boho and travel inspired wedding theme come to life in such a creative and colourful way made me realise that anything is possible. I LOVE weddings!

Tropical Boho with a travel twist Dorset wedding

Above all, Laurel and Rick say that their wedding was inspired by their travels. First of all, they wanted to get married in England, with friends and family, but also bring their travels home. Laurel has been envisioning this day for years, of course! She’s always had a passion for tropical and boho looks. I was so happy to work for this creative Bride as a Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer. Here is how she describes her ideas:

For years I had been envisioning what I wanted and made a journal full of ideas. I specifically went to loads of shops like Primark, Ikea and online websites such as Amazon in the UK and also the markets in Hawaii, Bali and the Moroccan souks well in advance to look for beautiful but affordable boho pieces. Of course I wanted to style it all myself so that I could stick to my affordable budget and the key was to pick lots of pretty little details to make everything complete.

Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer Kasia was simply amazing. I was really lucky to be friends with Grace (wedding planner, see supplier details below) beforehand as she was absolutlely fab! And furthermore, my best friend Alice (maid of honour) is always really fantastic at the logical organising. So I wanted the wedding meal to be relaxed and buffet style. Also the lighting had to be soft and gentle. The florals were inportant as I prefer greenery to flowers and my favourite touch were the rustic ladders smothered in the greenery, fillament bulb lighting and of course hanging pineapples. I also love the boho macrame altar which I had specially made.

Dorset wedding photography

Get ready to be inspired and enjoy looking at the highlights of this gorgeous Dorset wedding.

I’m always happy to help so be sure to get in touch if you’re looking for a Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer.

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[ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]wedding photographer dorset hampshire uk[/ezcol_1half_end]Dorset weddingsWedding photography Symondsbury DorsetPeppermint Love Photography

Symondsbury Dorset wedding photographer: Peppermint Love Photography

Wedding planner: Grace and George from Grace Sheppard Wedding Planners

Venue: Symondsbury Barn weddings in Dorset

Flowers and Greenery: Claire Lythgoe

Lighting, ladders, mirror ball – Tadle Farm Tents

Delicious catering – Dorset Porkers

Homemade cakes by the Bride and Groom, friends and family

Photobooth, DJ: 217 Events



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