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Thank you for visiting my wedding photography Dorset site! I love having you here so please feel free to browse through.

I would be thrilled to welcome you as a new client and document your special day. I’d like your wedding photography Dorset to be the easiest part of your special day.

I like to describe my wedding photography style as soft, light and authentic. In the recent wedding photography Dorset Hampshire interview with Bride magazine, I was asked who were my ideal clients. I remember thinking about this question a lot and how I feel so lucky to work with the people I described:

In my work, I strive for natural-looking images.

I pride myself on the fact that people feel at ease with me.

I want to create simple, organic and happy images and the clients I want to work with are the ones who believe what I believe. The ones who prefer candidness to formal group shots, the ones who don’t think about Pinterest poses but want to enjoy and savour every moment of their own wedding, the ones that love simplicity, and laugh a lot, and the ones that kiss with their eyes closed.

Wedding Photography Dorset UK

Why is wedding photography worth the investment?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You need a good wedding photographer to capture it all and not miss a thing. A professional wedding photographer uses high-quality equipment, years of experience and talent to capture the special atmosphere of your big day. A good wedding photographer will not be distracted by chatting guests. She will not feel awkward standing in the middle of the church taking photos of you. And she will not interrupt and will not direct how the story unfolds.

She will know how to make you feel at ease, give you tips and gentle directions to make you look beautifully backlit by the evening sunshine.

If it’s a bright day or a dark night – she will get the shot. Every time. She will dress appropriately, predict the tears and look like she is having fun while staying professional and working hard.

A good wedding photographer is worth every penny.

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